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Big boys


Big boys was started when I found that I could help so many people lose weight and help them  achieve their goals but there was a select few that no matter how hard I tried I could not seem to help them or attain their attention for a prolonged period of time, these were great people , leaders of our community that seemed to getting bigger and bigger as the years went on.


It puzzled me why I could not reach these people, they were Doctors, Lawyers, Bank mangers, politicians, social workers, men with degrees in psychology, Ceo’s of major companies, owners of big business, men in charge of building companies, Fathers, cousins and brothers . All these men had and were at risk of heart disease, stroke, Diabetes, most of these men had high blood pressure, irregular heartbeats, celulitus and at some stage or another suffered from depression unknowingly.  The 3 biggest killers in NZ are still cancer, heart disease, diabetes most which is attributed to Obesity and stress.


The biggest issue for me was how come I couldn’t help these people, was it me? Was I headed in the wrong direction?, was I not addressing the real underlying issues that these men suffer from which was not one thing but all the issues put together….they could no longer move let alone tie their own shoes laces. Fear was a great big deterrent for these men because getting started was a big step to a long painful process of regaining their lives back( so they thought ). Most of these people were my friends, it upset me that I had not done my job properly if I couldn’t  helped them.


It then occurred to me there was a way of helping them achieving their goals and returning health, retuning life, so I put the programme together and run it by ourselves. The programmes has proven to be greatly successful with people like Dr Sam Fuimaono weighted in at 185kgs he has lost 65kgs, Bob Sila weighted 223kgs, he has lost 100kgs, Ken Palaaia weighted in at 199kgs, he has lost 75kgs, Big James Murti weighted 222kgs and has lost 50kgs, Daron steel (Head trainer and boxing coach) has lost 22kgs, Karl Tusani-Rex weighted in at 185kgs and now weights149kgs, he has lost 36kgs, Osone Okesene has lost 22.5kgs in the past 7 weeks , Eddie Hokia (trainer) has lost 25 kgs, Lapi Mariner weighted in at 211kgs and is a trim 179 even after his hip opporation, he is down by 32kgs.


The results and  gains are very real. Their fitness levels have gone from Zero to Hero, they struggled to walk and breath and just the thought of exercise made them tired. They are now running and jogging 3 to 4 times a week, they are the fittest they have been scene school. They have reversed sickness like bariatric surgery, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and regained their lives back.


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