My name is Karl Tusini-Rex, I am 29years of age, full Niuean and weighed a whopping 182kgs. I work next to a lunch bar and it became my friend, I work long hours and take my breaks when I can, so when skipping a meal I will make up for it by having a huge lunch.

I also am committed to running a youth programme through church on a Wednesday night and Friday night. We then go out for meetings, debriefs, and socialize over take aways @ two o’clock in the mornings.

I have been on so many challenges and programmes, that I had given up hope, until a big guy confronted me, tapped my tummy and invited me to join this group that he was running called the “Big Boys”.

Since then I have not looked back, I am committing myself to dropping down to 150kgs by April then 140kgs by June then going to continue. I love sports and the Big Boys have given me the chance to get back on my feet and be active again. We also have a flite of stairs @ work that I can now walk with ease.

I used to suffer from irregular heart beats cause of my weight, ever since I have been in “Big Boys” it has stopped. I would like to thank Buck Stowers and his team for giving me the opportunity to get my breathe back and I am grateful to everyone involved.

“If you change the way you look @ things, the things you look @ change” Wayne Dyer

Thank you for changing my ways Sir Buck.

Karl Tusini-Rex

Course Director- Customer Relations
Best Pacific Institute of Education
Level One, 2 Ryan Place
Manukau, Auckland
Ph:09 262 7226
Fax 09 2627 221
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Kia Ora my name is Edward Hokai I am writing this letter to testify about the big boys club at Genetics Gym.  I am one of twenty guys that belong to this group.  I am so thankful to Buck Towers and Genetics for helping me with my training and helping me to help others.  I have been with big boys for 9 weeks.  When I started I weighed in at 121 kgs I am to date 116 kgs.  I am so thankful for Buck Stowers for the heart he has to help big people, since being with Big Boys I have seen Big Boys transformed from 200kgs to 150kgs.  Buck Stowers has also given me the chance to work in his gym to do work experience as I am training to become a Personnel Trainer.  Buck Stowers has put together this Big Boys club to help not only with Big peoples weight but to make them feel good about themselves and to make them feel part of a team that won’t give up.  ‘Don’t give in’ he says and ‘Don’t say No, Say Go!’  We have all become like brothers in arms we are family, well that’s what I feel.  There is so much more I could say but I offer you a challenge to come and check us out and you will see Mon-Wed 7.30am Saturday 6am.  Buck Stowers is a man for the peoples health, that’s what gives him satisfaction.  God Bless and Thank You Buck for this Opportunity


Hi my name is James Murti and I belong to a gym that deserves respect and leads by example.  Genetics Gym of Manukau has helped me and my family to lead a healthier and more meaningful life.  Sixteen weeks ago I decided to join Genetics Gym In the Big Boys Club at a whopping 220+ kg man, now through a good diet, a great exercise plan and most importantly, great support from all the staff which has rubbed off on all the members and in turn to everyone around.  This is a great place to be.  I now weigh 195kg and still loosing, I have spent thousands of dollars on other ways of loosing weight but this method has been the most successful way for me so far.  It is still early and I have a long way to go but along with exercise and food I have learnt how to persevere and not be scared anymore.  I am only 1 of thousands who never knew there was such a place with a great atmosphere, and awesome staff.  The owners should be very proud of what they have achieved to date.  This is a testimony to their dedication.


Here is my Testimony on BIG BOYZ and how it has impacted on my Life.

Before I was blessed with the opportunity to be a part of Big Boys I weighed close to 200kgs. I was a big man with big hopes and big dreams that was NEVER going to be realised unless I made a big change.

Living to eat, not eating to live was my life, Day by day never considering my future with my wife and family.

Every day became a struggle, reaching my shoe laces, getting up from the couch, walking up stairs and even staying awake during work, all the simple things in life became difficult.

Struggling through life and not knowing how to get out of this self loathing hole I was trapped in. That’s when I meet Darron and he introduced me to Buck and the Big Boys.

Strength, courage, Fearlessness, empowerment and Discipline are only a few of the attributes Big boys have given me.  

I weighed  199Kg and now I’m 160kgs. 39kgs down no longer asleep through life but awake living life and loving every moment.

Nothing can stop me now, setting new goals and working hard to reach them. Big Boys has really given me the tools to take my Life back, like Buck would Say “ Don’t say No, Say Go”

Genetics has not only changed me physically , but it has truly uplifted me personally and spiritually.

This has been a great blessing in my life and I’m extremely grateful to Buck, Darron and the team at Genetics for the support, motivation and time they continue to give me in my Fight for Life.

Kind Regards
Ken J Palaaia I TPM Systems Analyst I DB Breweries
D +64 9 259 3473 I M 0274 939 846 I F+64 9 276 8475



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